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What to See and Do on a Trip to Cumberland, Canada.

Founded in 1880 the old coal-mining town of Cumberland on Vancouver Island is a unique and enjoyable place to visit. It has a colorful past filled with diverse people and stories of rebellion.
With its reputation for working-class roots and rebel spirit, Cumberland seems to attract like-minded people. Today it is inhabited by free spirits, artists, and activists who are fiercely community-minded and proud of their town.


What to Do?

To get a proper insight into this small town’s radical past visit The Cumberland museum. Enjoy great food and live music at The Waverly Hotel, one of BC’s best live music venues. Sample a pint of local ale from The Cumberland Brewing Company, then stroll through the unique shops and galleries of downtown.

Get back to nature with a visit to the Cumberland Community Forest. Bike, hike, and run through the miles of trails in this beautiful stretch of forest. As you enjoy it, appreciate the efforts of the Cumberland Community Forest Society who worked to purchase this land and protect it for people’s enjoyment rather than let it be cut down for timber.

Where to Go?

Base yourself in Cumberland and then head out into the Comox Valley to explore this area of abundant natural beauty. Visit Mount Washington and view the whole valley from its peak. Take a camping trip to Comox Lake and swim in the chilly waters. Hike your way around the many many acres of trail and national parks that criss-cross this valley.

In short: you won't struggle for things to do In Cumberland, BC.